BBC Broadcasts

Genesis BBC BroadcastS BOXSET
BBC Broadcasts
5 CD
Release datum: 3 maart 2023
€ 79,00

Genesis ‘BBC Broadcasts’ is an extensive collection of broadcast material from one of the biggest selling recording artists of all time and one of Britain’s most internationally renowned bands. Curated by founder member Tony Banks and the group’s long-time engineer and producer Nick Davis it is available as a 53-track 5-CD set and 24-track triple LP. This is the first time all of these tracks have been released on vinyl and the first time a majority of the iconic 1987 Wembley show have been made available in an audio only format. These collections represent the cream of the group’s work recorded by the BBC between 1970 and 1998, and it includes contributions from all three of the group’s vocalists, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Ray Wilson. With notes by author Michael Hann, and packaged with a 40- page booklet, ‘BBC Broadcasts’ contains favourites such as ‘Home By The Sea’, ‘Mama’, ‘Duchess’, ‘Carpet Crawlers’, ‘No Son Of Mine’ ‘Turn It On Again’ and many more.

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