Home Invasion : In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall

Home Invasion : In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall
Home Invasion : In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall
5 LP + Book
Release datum: 29 maart 2019
€ 70

In March 2018, Steven Wilson played a sell-out three night residency at one of the world’s most iconic venues: London’s Royal Albert Hall. The three shows saw Steven and his virtuoso band present the songs from To The Bone and many more from a deep dive into his extensive back catalog as part of a sonically immersive experience. Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall captures the last show of the three-night run and serves as the perfect document of one of the UK’s most uncompromising artists – someone who remains “resolutely independent…the most successful British artist you’ve never heard of” (The Telegraph).

Includes: Five 180 gram vinyl discsthree exclusive tracks, printed inners and outer sleeves plus a full color book (32-pages) all bound together in a heavyweight slip case.


  1. Intro “Truth”
  2. Nowhere Now
  3. Pariah
  4. Home Invasion / Regret #9
  5. The Creator Has A Mastertape
  6. Refuge
  7. People Who Eat Darkness


  1. Ancestral
  2. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here


  1. Permanating
  2. Song Of I
  3. Lazarus
  4. Detonation
  5. The Same Asylum As Before


  1. Song Of Unborn
  2. Vermillioncore
  3. Sleep Together
  4. Even Less
  5. Blank Tapes
  6. The Sound Of Muzak
  7. The Raven That Refused to Sing


  1. Routine
  2. Hand Cannot Erase
  3. Heartattack in a Layby
  4. How is Your Life Today?
  5. Blackfield
  6. Postcard