Nieuwe CD Releases
Blinded By The Light
Blinded By The Light
Label: Columbia
9 augustus 2019

TRACKLISTING with lots of Bruce springsteen Songs :
1. Ode to Javed / Javed’s Poem
2. It’s a Sin
3. The Sun Always Shines On T.V.
4. “The Boss Of Us All”
5. Dancing In the Dark
6. “You Should Be Listening to Our Music”
7. “I Never Knew Music Could Be Like This”
8. The River
9. “Number One Paki Film”
10. Badlands
11. Cover Me
12. Thunder Road
13. Get Out of My Way Fascist (Pigs)
14. “Do It For Me”
15. Prove It All Night
16. Hungry Heart
17. “You, Me… and Bruce”
18. Because the Night
19. Maar Chadapa
20. The Promised Land
21. Blinded By The Light
22. Born to Run
23. I Will Stand By You
24. For You My Love

€ 16,95
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