Chakachas, recently best known for being sampled by Kendrick Lamar, covered by the band Cake (“Thrills”) and featured with the song ‘Stories’ on the “Grand Theft Auto” PS4 & Xbox soundtrack, were a Belgian ‘exotic’ latin-soul-funk band best known for their worldwide million seller ‘Jungle Fever’. Among Chakachas songwriters are Belgian icon Will Tura, Nico Gomez (father of Raymond van het Groenewoud), Sylvain Vanholme (Wallace Collection) and Lou Deprijck (‘Kingston, Kingston’ Lou & The Hollywood Babananas, Viktor Lazlo and Plastic Bertrand). With their 1972 album “Chakachas”, in some countries released as “Stories”, the band updated their sound with a heavier funk groove. “Chakachas” is an often sampled and a sought after seventies classic album.

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