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Amenra De Doorn
De Doorn
Label: Relapse
25 juni 2021

AMENRA’s first release for Relapse Records is at once a departure and a momentous act of deliverance. Stepping outside the run of albums titled Mass I-VI, De Doorn casts a 21-year journey from the heart of Belgium’s crusading hardcore scene to world-renowned, spiritually guided innovators in an enthralling new light. De Doorn is a conceptual album connecting to a Rite the band performed at the SMAK Museum Of Contemporary Art in Ghent’s 19th-century, monument-strewn Citadelpark in May 2019. They offered a communal recognition of loss and letting go. Here, audience members were invited to make their own offerings, placing personal notes of acknowledgment in wooden structures created by Indonesian artist Toni Kanwa Adikusumah, before they were brought out into the park and set alight as an act of recognition and release. Full-service press campaign in Europe from Petting Zoo Propaganda (Ghost, Baroness, Red Fang, Obituary, etc.) Amenra will broadcast two livestreams, one upon album release and one post-release date, the latter of which will be a full album playthrough.

€ 16,95
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