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Kenny Wayne Shepherd Dirt On My Diamonds Vol. 1
Dirt On My Diamonds Vol. 1
Label: Provogue
17 november 2023

Digipak + 16ps Booklet

Hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed 2022 re-issue, ‘Trouble Is…25’ and follow up to the highly successful 2019 studio album The Traveler, Shepherd returns with a new project that builds upon his already legendary repertoire. Dirt On My Diamonds Vol. 1 sees Kenny Wayne Shepherd catch eight shards of honest human emotion and serve them up raw for an audience that needs real music more than ever. “I just feel a responsibility to make the best music I can make,” he concludes. “And I’m really excited to see what’s gonna happen with these songs when we take them out on the road…”

€ 16,95
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