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Arbeid Adelt! Het Heelal Is Hier (2)
Het Heelal Is Hier
Label: Starman
3 maart 2023

Incl. 5 Bonus Tracks
Exactly 40 years after the legendary mini album “JONGE HELDEN” & their BelPop classic “LEKKER WESTERS” ARBEID ADELT!’s first album will be released since their MIA-nominated “SLIK” from 2016. 2023 will therefore be a jubilee year with concerts, remixes & pleasantly crazy chaos. “Het Heelal Is Hier” is an unstoppable dance record with prickly hard electronics in which hip and retro sounds come together in an amazing symbiosis. Marcel Van Thilt proves once again that he resides kinetically in a completely unique and unique lyrical universe.

€ 18,95
Categorie:Nieuwe CD Releases
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