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Kids With Buns Out Of Place
Out Of Place
Label: V2
13 oktober 2023

Two years after their hit single bad grades was released, and one year after they made it to a Times Square billboard as Spotify Equal artists, Kids With Buns announces their debut album out of place. An album about growing up and feeling like an outcast translated into a collection of sad bangers.

On one hand, the record contains a collection of things you just wish you would’ve said, looking back at a given moment, but somehow didn’t. On the other hand, it also has strong introspective and self-critical passages. While the central theme of the album is coming of age, it touches upon a lot more than just growing up, including themes such as grief (what happens in your brain), being queer (how bad, nothing new), and feeling stuck in your own head (clutter, the balance).

Created in a make-shift home studio, where Amber and Marie virtually lived over the summer, out of place was recorded and produced by Mathias Stal (1712, bad grades). Preserving their signature sound consisting of Marie’s androgynous voice and Amber’s catchy guitar hooks, the latest singles marks a move towards a more uptempo and extraverted sound. Turning their personal struggles and insecurities into earworm choruses resulted in instant live successes, with sold-out concerts at venues like AB (Brussels), Vooruit (Ghent), Ekko (Utrecht) and Merleyn (Nijmegen). Nonetheless, out of place is also a heartfelt soundtrack to cruise around with, or to have a late night cry sesh to.

After a successful performance at ESNS that got them a spot in 3voor12’s top 25 acts of the festival, Kids With Buns is broadening its horizons. With a new-found bigger sound comes a more impressive international tour banner: from slots on the lineup of Down The Rabbit Hole (NL), Pukkelpop (BE), and Reeperbahn (DE) coming up, to their very own release shows in the main hall of the Ancienne Belgique and De Helling in Utrecht. With out of place, Kids With Buns is only just getting started.

€ 16,95
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