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Neil Young & Crazy Horse World Record
World Record
2 CD
Label: Reprise
18 november 2022

Neil Young with Crazy Horse’s new album ‘World Record’ was recorded at Shangri-La in Malibu and produced by Rick Rubin and Neil Young. This spirited 10 song collection is a cautiously optimistic meditation on the past, present, and future of our shared planet and what it means to live on it. World Record contains a wealth of wisdom, and the kind of poignant observations one can only be collected over an eventful life. The iconoclastic songwriter reminisces with gratitude about the gifts the Earth has given him and sets his sights on an uncertain future with hope that we can right this big, blue and green ship. He does so in a vital and unyielding fashion. Recorded live in order to wrangle the Horse’s long-running spirit of spontaneous, collaborative, and electrifying performance, the album was mixed to analog tape at Shangri-La under Rubin’s sage guidance. The quality of the resulting listening experience sets fans directly on the studio floor as Young and the legendary band do what they do best.

€ 19,95
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