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Stef Kamil Carlens Be Who You Wanna Be
Be Who You Wanna Be
Label: Starman
12 april 2024

A playful, funky album, born from the desire to be live again; a playful and funky band that will tour extensively in Belgium and the Netherlands from April. First single ‘Walk On Red, Stop On Green’ sets the tone of this new album. A simple structure, over which a web of rhythm is woven using instruments from old drum machines: the Roland CR-78, in dialogue with live drums and percussion. Lots of sax, tenor and baritone! A pumping bass. A frisky pizzicato violin. Vocals based on the ‘Boy Scout Trail’ principle; the leader sings and the others repeat. And then of course the classic keyboards: the Fender Rhodes, the Hohner Clavinette D6, the L-100 Hammond organ. And many analogue synthesizers: a rippling Juno-106 draws the path to be followed, which is crossed with phrases from other museum pieces: Crumar’s Stratus, Farfisa’s Synthorchestra, Sequential’s Prophet-10. Or the Casio Club M-100, which is actually a toy, but has been subtly coloring SKC’s songs for years! In addition to his own work, also covers of Prince (The Future), Dez Mona and Alain Bashung.

€ 34,00
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