Nieuwe Vinyl Releases
Blood In The Water
Blood In The Water
Label: Soulfood
4 juni 2021

Legends in Thrash – crushing, rolling and knocking you down with their new album “Blood In The Water”. Delivering finest fast and hard metal for newand oldschool thrasher alike! SALES POINTS – Flotzilla strikes back! – Album no. 14 of this US-Thrash institution from Arizona -Their last album reached postion 19 in the official german charts, the most succesful album of the band to date – Streaming figures in the millions – The band has a very strong vinyl fanbase – Mix & mastering done by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat. Amaranthe, Powerwolf, U.D.O. etc.) -Available as CD-Digipak, Ltd. Edition Boxset and various Vinyl Editions

€ 32,00
Categorie:Nieuwe Vinyl Releases
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