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Danny Vera DNA
Label: Excelsior
13 oktober 2023

After the overwhelming success of ‘Roller Coaster’, Danny Vera’s musical career took off enormously. The song broke all records, topped all charts and has now been streamed almost 100 million times on Spotify. Twenty years of hard work and patiently working on the road finally paid off in platinum records and a sold-out Ziggo Dome. And all on his own terms, without making any concessions. But anyone who thinks that Danny Vera will now rest on his laurels is wrong. The music is in his blood, and that blood creeps where it can’t go. American country, blues and rock ‘n’ roll is in and out.

His new album ‘DNA’ was created in a different way than usual for Vera. “Whereas it normally takes me two to three years to write twenty songs, I have now written them in two months,” he says. “Everything just came out spontaneously.” The vibe of the album is considerably different from that on his previous record. “I soon noticed that there was a different atmosphere in the songs compared to my previous album ‘The New Now’. It was a bit more authentic, more rock ‘n’ roll & blues – and that’s how the songs had to sound, as authentic as possible.” At a time when ChatGPT spews out complete lyrics for you within seconds and all imperfections can be ironed out in the studio, it was very refreshing for Danny Vera to record everything in one go. “That’s how they used to do it and that’s why it sounded so good, full of fun. The imperfections are part of it, the imperfections make it perfect.” Ultimately, sixteen songs ended up on the new album. ‘DNA’ has become an album on which Danny Vera returns to his birthplace, with songs that have their roots in the American roots music of yesteryear. Without click tracks, autotune or involvement of a writers camp. Solid songs ranging from classic Danny Vera ballads to fresh, uptempo rock ‘n’ roll. A record with rough edges, but above all with strong music.

€ 29,00
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