Nieuwe Vinyl Releases
2 LP Gatefold Limited
Label: Nuclear Blast
31 mei 2019

Ascending from the depths, the almighty Death Angel return to offer their latest, energy
fuelled metal masterpiece: “Humanicide.” A return to the wolves alongside a survivalist
pack mentality are what fuel the powerful themes erupting from these fresh metal anthems.
For the 4th album cycle in a row, Death Angel returned to their producer and friend Jason
Suecof of Audiohammer studios for the recording and mixing, along with the mastering of
the legendary Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound who added the final touches and brought it all
to life. As usual, Death Angel has maintained their throne in the universe of Thrash while
still managing to remain progressive in their style. They apply a wide variety of different
elements to their music, always pushing to add newness to their sound. This time around
they’ve included everything from acoustic bits, to guest musicians, to even (for the first
time) the notes of a piano.

€ 28,50
Categorie:Nieuwe Vinyl Releases
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