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Tiny Legs Tim Sing My Title
Sing My Title
Label: Sing My Title Records
1 december 2023

The album ‘Sing My Title’, a posthumous album by Tiny Legs Tim, will be released on the 1st of December 2023. The release, as well as the Celebrating Tiny Legs Tim concert in the Handelsbeurs Ghent (28th November 2023) were announced on the 25th May 2023, exactly one year after Tim’s passing.

The CD will contain an overview of Tim’s career as well as unreleased material from the archives. The first single, Death Bells Ringing, is one of the new songs. It was recorded in March 2022 during the last session with the Call Us When It’s Over band in studio Room 13.

Drummer Bern Coene is, together with Tim’s family, responsible for the tracklist on the Sing My Title release: ‘We selected 15 songs, many of them are personal favorites of Tim and his family. The album gives a great overview of his career and is composed by Tim himself for the main part: most of the songs were on a USB stick that Tim gave to Nick Waterhouse via Nasty Bartender.’

‘After the suggestion from bass-player Filip Vandebril we added two outtakes from Elsewhere Bound (2019): Drama and Soundtrack are a great example of the direction that Tim wanted to go: more song-focused, more americana.’

€ 31,00
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