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The Great War
The Great War
Label: Nuclear Blast
19 juli 2019

Does bombastic, hooky and energetic heavy metal force you to go crazy – in a good way?
Well then, unless you have been crawling in muddy trenches for the last two decades, you
have been exposed to the majestic firepower of history-loving metal giant Sabaton. They
even have their own annual festival and cruise. As we speak, Sabaton is reaching twentieth
anniversary as a band. What would be the most appropriate way to celebrate this
tremendous milestone – and set our targets on the future at the same time? Naturally, there
is only one option: to unleash the ninth missile into the heart of heavy metal world (2
previous ones were platinum sellers). In other words, Sabaton’s new album – another
concept record from the vaults of fascinating military history – is completed and we couldn’t
be more satisfied with it, says Sabaton bassist and lyricist Pär Sundström – and continues:
„The title of our new magnum opus is “The Great War”, and within its rich musical and
lyrical journey, we dive into the gloomy and bloody atmosphere of World War I.

€ 31,95
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