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Bun Eases My Mind
Eases My Mind
Label: Bun Songwriter
20 mei 2022

Bun is het soloproject van songschrijver en muzikant Brecht Vanvyaene, vroeger gitarist bij Miava. Eases My Mind is zijn debuutalbum.

“Bun’s debut album combines the best elements of nineties Britpop and alternative rock. Reminiscent of Oasis swagger and Foo Fighters energy and drive, Bun will take you on a riff-fueled musical ride you’ll not soon forget”.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Sometimes I Pretend 02. Around The Corner 03. It Floats You Around 04. So Far From Home 05. Two Faced Girl 06. Feels Like Yesterday 07. Burnout 08. Eases My Mind 09. As I Sit Down And Watch The Rain 10. There I Go 11. I Don’t Want To Get Up 12. Words Fall Short

€ 28,00
Categorie:Nieuwe Vinyl Releases
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